Christian Louboutin Collection

Louboutin Collection

On May 12th a ten-day selling exhibition of important antique rings opens at Wartski, an esteemed London jeweler. As it happens, “Roman to Renaissance” is an exception that proves the rule set out Christian Louboutin above. These 35 rings were collected by Sandra Hindman, medievalist and medieval art dealer, and Professor Emerita of Art History at Northwestern University.

Ms. Hindman’s first medieval ring came in payment for consulting work. Amazed and delighted that such rings were not all in museums (or lost), she looked for others. Several years after opening her Christian Louboutin shoes Paris gallery in 1991, which concentrates on manuscripts, she began selling them Christian Louboutin Outlet.

But the collection offered at Wartski has always been a private passion and an academic one. It started about 20 years ago with eight rings from a French private collector. “I decided to keep them aside Christian shoes and see if I could build around that group to create a coherent history of medieval rings,” she says.

Even more surprising perhaps is that the most celebrated 20th-century collections of finger rings–the smallest, most personal of jewels–almost all belonged to men, among them Ernest Guilhou, Ralph Hariri and Melvin Gutman. Some of these collections were then broken up, giving birth to new ones Louboutin On Sale.

At Sotheby’s Gutman sale in 1970, for instance, Benjamin Zucker, now a New York gem dealer, saw some Louboutin shoes Jewish marriage rings and got hooked. Today his collection of 126 antique rings is on loan to Baltimore’s Walters Art Museum. For those who have dismissed jewelry as fluffy, girlie stuff of no possible relevance to serious art lovers, this is an opportune moment to reconsider.

snack market, operating on 75 of Britain’s petrol-station forecourts. The roots of chairman and chief executive Gerald Ron son are in fuel retailing. He established Heron International in the 1970s, creating a company that was credited with bringing self-service petrol stations to Britain Christian Louboutin Shoes Cheap. Under managing director Bill Ahearn, Snacks 24 achieved sales of 164.1m in 2004.BROOKLYN MOTORS operates 16 showrooms in the Midlands selling Ford, Toyota, Skoda, Citroen and Mazda – a far cry from the wooden garage founder William Hill built in 1935 to use as his first showroom. The Worcestershire company sells new and used cars and has body shops and rental facilities.

Owned by the Hill family and overseen by chief executive George Foster, the company had 163.6m sales in 2004.THE mobile-phone wholesaler and distributor Elite Mobile also offers customers accessories branded by Manchester United football club, Guinness, Pink Panther and Playboy. Established in 1994 by Ketan and Ajay Gokani, the company’s head office and warehouse are in Wembley, and its sales office is in Stoke-on-Trent. Sales reached 646m in 2002, but dropped sharply to 162.5m in 2003.

THE last remaining journalists on London’s Fleet Street are a dozen people who work for the Sunday Post and Dundee Evening Telegraph, owned by DC Thomson, the Scottish family-owned newspaper and magazine publisher. Most of the company’s 2,000 staff work north of the border on titles that include the children’s classic The Beano. The 100-year-old company, chaired by Andrew Thomson, also has a 35% stake in Chelsea Stores Holdings, a vehicle launched by Tim Waterstone to merge his Daisy & Tom’s chain with the Early Learning Centre.

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