Big Differences of Coal Gangue Crusher and Coal Gangue Mill in Market

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Coal gangue was activated by means of calcination in seven temperature ranges. Domestic and foreign coal gangue comprehensive utilization of all countries within the globe spend significantly focus for the treatment and utilization of coal gangue. Given that the nineteen sixties, coal gangue comprehensive utilization has attracted a lot of national attention, to 70 time, France, Germany and other nations from the coal gangue utilization rate has reached 30% 50%. Filling the colliery. The coal gangue may be employed as filling components in underground coal cavity straight or immediately after processing.

two. Filling the ground for example road building.
three. Producing power. Coal gangue containing rich carbon and high calorific worth is utilized for fluidized bed and circulating fluidized-bed power generation.
four. Creating supplies. The coal gangue is made into gangue brick, cement and lightweight aggregate to act as developing materials.

five. Extracted sulfur ore or other chemical products from coal gangue along with other
All these utilizations want crushing by jaw crusher, impact crusher, Raymond milling machine, High pressure suspension grinding mill, micro-powder mill.
Remedy and utilization of coal gangue

1. Recovery of coal and pyrite. Via simple methods, from the gangue in the coal crusher washing nicely chosen, chosen by screening from low quality coal, and pick out of pyrite. Recovery of coal could be powered by fuel, washing waste rock crusher can be utilized for developing supplies, and pyrite might be utilized for chemical raw components.
three. Manufacture of creating materials: bricks as an alternative to clay as raw material might be dug much less fertile. Brick, the use of coal fuel itself, can save coal.

four. Coal may also be utilized to make low calorific worth gas, manufacturing ceramics, creating soil amendment, or utilized for paving, underground filling, filling the ground to make farmland. Following the waste dump on the spontaneous combustion may also be planting crusher grass, landscaping. Comparing with other classic stone crusher, coal gangue crusher has excellences for fine crushing, high productions and low maintenance. The lengthy force arm created into the cone crusher offers higher crushing force. Along with the spring release method generates far more opposing force than other conventional stone crushers.

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